Forestry mulching - also referred to as forestry mastication - is the act of lot clearing, fence clearing, and reclamation of hay fields. It's a form of forestry thinning that helps to increase agricultural status by creating more farmable hay fields, while also creating a safer, defensible barrier from wildfires. Mastication helps local ranchers turn sagebrush fields into useful hay and pasture fields.

Forestry Mulching | Mastication | Land Clearing

Creating Better Haying and Ranching Fields in Grand County

In the medical industry, mastication is the act of chewing. In the forestry and fire prevention industry, it's the act of "chewing up" the forest with machinery to make for more useful land areas for ranchers. This form of forestry mulching is capable of clearing stumps, trees, and sagebrush with limited disturbance to soils, leaving healthy land for growing hay. Other key benefits of land clearing through mastication include:

  • Eliminates the need for burning - and risk of forest fire and nuance of smoke.
  • Logging slash is converted to mulch, which decomposes faster and makes for healthier soils.
  • The mulch also helps hold moisture better, which helps during drought seasons.
  • New vegetation grows faster.
Forestry Mulching | Mastication | Land Clearing

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