Mastication / Land Clearing

Foresty mulching - often referred to as mastication - can help with forestry thinning to improve agricultural land and more.

Wildfire Mitigation

Be proactive, get wildfire mitigation before it's too late. Serving Grand County, Summit County, and Routt County.

Other Mitigation Services

  • Tree Removal & Thinning
  • Chipping/Mulching
  • Stump Removal/Grinding
  • Landscaping

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Fire Protection & Wildfire Mitigation Services


More than 2 million Coloradans live in  wild land, urban areas. If your home is located in natural vegetation, grasslands, shrub lands, foothills, or mountain areas, then you live in an area that is at risk for wildfires.

It is not a matter of if a wildfire will impact your home, but when. Is you home protected from a forest fire?


Fire Fighters will do their best to protect rural residents, but, ultimately, the homeowner is responsible for taking the necessary steps to protect their home from wildfires. The best offense, is a great defense. Defend your home and property now with fire protection and wildfire mitigation.


Other than protecting your home and property, other benefits of fire protection are that you can receive Colorado State funding money for residential wildfire mitigation projects and potential home insurance rate savings.


Fire Protection & Wildfire Mitigation - Grand County, CO

Protect & Improve Your Land

Get the best in Grand County land clearing for better haying fields and wildfire prevention.